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EduMe (Inhouse)

Service Mapping & Design Workshops

I’ve run a number of workshops during my time at EduMe and have looked to create and encourage collaboration between departments wherever possible. Service mapping is always my favourite, it’s the first time many within an organisation understand everything involved in delivering a service and how they all fit in to the bigger picture.

I know the session has been a success as soon as I hear cries of ‘What?’, ‘I didn’t know we did it like that…’, ‘You should’ve told me, we can build something that handles that for you’ or ‘Oooh. Wouldn’t it make more sense if we…’

Service mapping

Regular Customer Interviews

EduMe had a very different customer base to those I was used to. It was much harder to reach the right sorts of people at the right time and so instead of the project based interviews I’m more used to I opted to carry out regular customer interviews whenever I could get them. If I had something specific to talk about I could use that to drive the conversation, otherwise these were just fantastic opportunities to learn more about specific customers, their needs and their aspirations.

Customer interview DB

Marketing Site Redesign

When I first joined I found the marketing site confusing. It wasn’t clear what EduMe offered as a company and there was a serious lack of product images on the site. This wasn’t one of my ‘official’ duties but after a few long afternoons and some guerrilla usability testing I put together a proposal for a redesign.

Redesigned Marketing Site

Feature Announcement Videos

I’m not the biggest fan of support articles. I see the value in them however they usually feel like a step backward from what EduMe sets out to achieve. We specialise in empowering our users to deliver easy to consume learning content and I believe we should be doing the same. To fix this I’ve taken to preparing announcement videos for all our newest features.