Elliot Svensen

🐀 Global Pest Control

Ongoing Research & Design Support



Rentokil Initial are the world’s leading pest control company covering over 70 countries and 1000 branches. Through Path59 I’ve worked on a variety of projects across their global digital real estate.

My Role

I was one of two UX consultants from Path59 working with the brand alongside their internal teams.

Remote Usability Testing

We worked closely with the design team often prototyping and designing ourselves (using Axure, Adobe CC and often Sketch) to test multiple iterations of various sites. Remote usability testing was a fantastic tool for us to quickly and affordably gauge how users may respond to proposed designs and modules.

Remote testing does have it’s limitations but with the ease of set up and speed of results allowing me to test not only whole sites but also basic wireframes and individual segments of sites it’s a valuable tool. Without it it would be much harder to iterate quickly and often.

Live Usability Testing

We also ran live usability tests as often as possible. These provided us with the opportunity to encourage participants to expand on their answers and explain the logic behind the decisions they were making. We would not have been able to work as efficiently as we did without the use of both live and remote testing.

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmarking gained us valuable insights into differing strategies towards organising information, explaining sometimes complicated services visits and supporting customers with what can often be a tricky and unpleasant problem. We ran multiple tests with brands Rentokil has recently purchased in global markets and Rentokil’s international sites. As cultural differences affect users interactions with sites it was useful to understand how users interact with the brands they already know in order to tailor that markets site to its target customers.

Design Sprints

We ran design sprints with many of Rentokil’s internal teams, these were incredibly valuable as they allowed us to learn and fail fast. Combining highly skilled workers from multiple departments and encouraging them to work together in the workshops we were often able to realise concepts that individually they may have dismissed as impossible.