Elliot Svensen

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Headstart is a smart recruitment app. Designed to remove bias from recruiting and automate the process to save companies time and improve the experience for both candidates and businesses.

Scrappy flows

My Role

I was originally contracted to give the platform a rapid review before Headstart’s newest client went live.

Headstart had recently transitioned from a marketplace to a SaaS product. This left pages on the site users could find that just didn’t make sense anymore and journeys that often lead to dead ends.

Usability Testing

I took on the role of a candidate and worked through multiple applications one after the other. Finding multiple paths to reach the same end goal, submitting an application, each time logging my journey. Although time and money were short I organised a usability test with a few participants to carry out similar tasks.

C-Suite Workshops

I returned to the team with my findings and using the current journeys identified from the usability tests ran a workshop to clearly show the leadership team the current issues and work with them to streamline to process.

Revised journey maps

During the workshops we mapped out a series of new user journeys and made some key decisions about HS mission statement.


With the decisions made in the workshops we were able to remove the dead-ends and circular journeys identified in the early journey maps and ended up with flows that were far simpler.

Headstart now have a 90% completion rate. Well above the industry average.